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Yes… And

Hope Outreach

The Record Searchlight, as a a local newspaper, serves as a valuable forum for engaging community conversation because of it’s editorial opinions and columns, four of which have caught my recent attention:

  1. Missy McArthur’s  July 25, 2015 Speak Your Piece on Crime.
  2. Silas Lyon’s July 26, 2014 Opinion Column on Easy Solutions.
  3. Rachel Hatch’s July 26, 2014 Opinion Column on Redding as a Maker City
  4. Rev. Ann Corrin’s July 28,2014 Speak Your Piece on a Homeless Day Center

The frustration expressed by Council Member McArthur highlights the need for Redding citizens to elect two thoughtful, moderate, balanced and visionary Council Members this coming November 2014. We need leaders who can work together positively with Missy as a team, instead of more polarized candidates, whose simple answers seem to be to get tough on crime, to arm citizens or just say NO. So far Kristen Schreder has impressed me to earn my vote.

Yes, we need more police protection/jails, and we also need A Place To BeThe Redding Homeless Day Resource Center.

Silas’s plea is for improving a sense of community well-being and for leaders with a broad and longer-term vision as well as urgent action now.

Rachel’s call for Redding to become a Maker City represents the positive, creative energy of the next generation. This idea may seem obscure to some, but it is exactly this type of bold vision that we need from Redding’s leadership… this and other innovative solutions to the challenges our community faces.

Ann’s perspective is that the issues of crime abatement and addressing the needs of those in Redding who are experiencing homelessness and poverty both need to be addressed, not just one.

I would like to see Redding leaders focus on how to improve the well-being of ALL in our community; to sponsor an XPRIZE; to become a Compassionate City; to become A Beloved Community; to say “YES…and.”

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