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Designing Healthy Communities

In summer 2012 PBS TV station KIXE had a four episode documentary series on Designing Healthy Communities.

Former California Health Officer Richard Jackson, MD, MPH, explained how well-designed communities can improve the physical and mental health of individuals, families and communities.

While there are no currently scheduled rebroadcasts, the four, one-hour ephisodes available on DVD:
Episode 1 – Retrofitting Suburbia: Dr. Jackson investigates the link between our nation’s obesity and Type 2 Diabetes epidemic with urban sprawl fueled by car dependency.
Episode 2 – Rebuilding Places of the Heart:  When U.S. industry and manufacturing collapsed or went elsewhere, many communities in the United States were left with the task of redefining themselves, leading the way to a greener, more sustainable community.
Episode 3 – Social Policy in Concrete: We meet a morbidly obese grandmother struggling to raise seven grandchildren, all of whom have asthma. Health officials, community activists and a new breed of young Urban Pioneers are working to fix their cities by transforming them.
Episode 4 – Searching for Shangri-La: Dr. Jackson searches past and present America for healthy, sustainable communities of all sizes and shapes that can serve as models for the rest of the nation.

In a March 18, 2014 letter to the Beverly Hills City Council, using them to incorporate safe bicycle routes in an upcoming reconstruction project, Dr. Jackson says, “Communities that support transit use, walking, and bicycling are associated with improved air quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower rates of traffic injuries, more physical activity, and lower body weights, thus reducing the likelihood of chronic disease.”

Shasta Living Streets now has 200+ members and 1,120 Facebook likes. Read Michael Kuker’s Series On Jeff Speck’s Walkable City.

Pedestrian trails and bike lanes are important to the well-being of our Redding, CA community. Let our City Council know they are important to all of us.

I am in favor of having a bike lane added to California Street and Pine Street. See the Record Searchlight article “Caltrans talks bikes lanes in downtown Redding, push to reduce lanes on California St. ” I am also in favor of restoring the downtown grid and opening up Market Street to through traffic.