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Protect Public Media

Federal funding cuts in the House-approved budget will undermine public media.
Public media has already sustained significant cuts in recent years – $60 million in fact.
For just $1.35 per American taxpayer per year, this relatively small investment provides you with local, national and international news, educational and public affairs programming, and tons of other important local services.
Protect My Public Media is a collaboration of local public radio and television stations, national distributors, producers, viewers, listeners and others who support a strong public media in the United States. The goal of the campaign is to activate audiences to support federal funding for public media by taking a stand for the local stations and programs they love.
Eliminating all funding will have almost zero impact on our nation’s budget deficit but will devastate public media and the local stations you listen to and watch every day. Without federal support, you won’t have the same listening and viewing experience or access to many resources that you have today.
With 2014 elections possibly tilting in favor of Republicans (according to Roll Call) it is even more important to advocate for the public media if you love PBS and NPR.

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