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Our Democracy Depends on Equality For All

On February 10, 2014 over 100 Shasta County residents came together to watch former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich’s movie Inequality For All at Valley 11 Cinemas in Anderson, CA. The event was organized by Shasta County Citizens for Democracy. There was enough interest to show the film in two theaters!

The movie begs the question “What can we do?”

Six Different Directions

The Inequality For All website lists 6 different directions to approach the problem of widening income inequality. They say “The trick is to understand how they all fit together while choosing manageable actions that make sense to who you are. We may not be able to do everything at once but think of each action you take as an incremental step towards the structural change our economy needs:”

  1. RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE – Help turn the jobs we have into ones that will boost the economy, not bust it. Ensure full-time jobs have wages and benefits for people to afford basics.
  2. STRENGTHEN WORKERS’ VOICES – Don’t let big employers take away the fundamental right of people to stick together to speak up for themselves at work; public policy should support workers who choose to form a union.
  3. INVEST IN EDUCATION – Ensure everyone has access to a great education spanning from early childhood to post-secondary.
  4. REFORM WALL STREET – Ensure the financial sector is working honestly and accountably to prevent it from taking over our economy.
  5. FIX THE TAX SYSTEM – Ensure everyone is contributing their fair share; reverse the “great tax shift” – tax policies that shifted taxes from rich individuals and corporations to the rest of us.
  6. GET BIG MONEY OUT OF POLITICS – Overturn Citizens United so that corporations can’t spend unlimited amounts of money on campaigns, and in return affect public policy and spending priorities.

Concerned Citizens

For Concerned Citizens, the website lists 6 ways to get involved:

  1. HOST: Shasta County Citizens for Democracy already brought us together at a public venue, but you can now buy the DVD ($16.49 at Amazon.com) and show it in smaller venues, consistent with the DVD copyright.
  2. EXPLORE: Visit Inequality.is to see exactly how you and your income are being affected.
  3. CHEW ON THIS: Download Restaurant Opportunities Centers United’s National Diners Guide to see if your favorite restaurants offer fair wages and benefits to their employees.
  4. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES: Donate $5 to Create Jobs For USA and help provide loans to underserved and small community businesses. Here’s how it works!
  5. GET ORGANIZEDPull all your financial accounts into one place so you can set a budget, track  goals and do more with your money.
  6. START A CAMPAIGN: Create a MoveOn petition and tap into the 8 million MoveOn members ready to create progressive change.

Looking for more? Start here.