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Closing the Consensus Gap About Global Warming

Source: http://TheConsensus Project.com

Source: http://TheConsensus Project.com

Time and time again we have heard that there is a consensus among scientists that global warming is being caused by human actions. The best documentation of this recent evidence I have found is from a 2013 article by John Cook, et. al. with an accompanying short video on the IOP Science website. The number is still 97%.

And yet only about half of Americans believe that global warming is real and anthropogenic!

The wide public perception that climate scientists disagree over the fundamental cause of global warming (GW; Leiserowitz et al 2012, Pew 2012) means that there is a lack of support for taking critical climate actions. Blame political financing and lobbyists for that.

Only if it is in their economic self-interest are corporations now starting to change their tune. The New York Times recently reported that “Coca-Cola and other American corporations are starting to see global warming as an economically disruptive force contributing to higher commodity and food costs, broken supply chains and increased financial risk; their position is at odds with longstanding argument that policies to curb carbon emissions are more economically harmful than actual impact of climate change itself.”

On the positive side, The Guardian notes that “The advertising firm SJI Associates has generously created a website pro-bono, centered around the results of our survey. The website can be viewed at TheConsensusProject.com, and it includes a page where consensus graphics can be shared via social media or email. Skeptical Science also has a new page of consensus graphics.

Barak Obama pleads “Call these deniers out. Hold them accountable. Ask them if they will admit climate change is a problem.Read their despicable words, crafted to please their corporate political supporters and other wealthy individuals who are willing to allow false information to be promulgated to serve their self-interest.

Prince Charles calls climate change deniers “headless chickens.” I have less kind words for them.

Get the word out that anthropogenic global warming is a real threat, particularly to the poor.

Clean energy is the solution to this global problem.

Work to unseat those in power who persist in their denial or who fail to take appropriate action. Seven climate deniers are Representatives from California, including our own Doug LaMalfa. Call them out.

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