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Several observers of religion in America see a new convergence, not only among Christians of various stripes and colors (Roman Catholics, liturgical protestants, evangelicals, pentecostals, mainline protestants and progressives) but also interfaith connections.

Darkwood brew notes that “The major players within the new Christian Convergence are refugees from Christian liberalism and conservatism who are increasingly discovering each other as they make their way across the post-modern Wilderness. Within this Convergence, these pilgrim refugees are finding common ground and unique gifts that each group brings that the other has been looking for.”

“Together, they are joining their gifts to build a New Tabernacle – a new Way of Life – to serve as a place to meet each other and God.  Like the Tabernacle of old, however, this new meeting-place is not a fixed destination, but a mobile one, best-suited for leading these pilgrim refugees into realms they have not yet envisioned in response to the Holy Spirit.”

Darkwood Brew is having an 8 week series on Convergence. Here is their 2014 lineup:

  • January 5: Cameron Trimble – Theme: The Indigo Tent (i.e., Intro to Convergence – two tribes building a tabernacle together in the wilderness)
  • January 12: Carol Howard Merritt  – Christ of the Convergence (i.e., Who is Jesus for us?)
  • January 19:  Bruce Van Blair – Theme: Vocatio (i.e., How does Convergence turn our concept of ministry on its head?)
  • January 26: Bruce Reyes-Chow – Theme: TBA
  • February 2:  Phyllis Tickle – Theme: Was It the Holy Spirit or the Pizza? (i.e., What is the role of the Holy Spirit in all this?)
  • February 9: Michael Camp – Theme: Faith, Science, and our Creator (i.e., How do we understand creation as part of God’s self-revelation? Note: It’s Evolution Sunday)
  • February 16: Melvin Bray – Theme: The Mythological Imagination (i.e., How we interpret the Bible and its authority for our time?)
  • February 23: TBA

On January 5th Eric Elnes and Cameron Trimble talked about the CANA Initiative; the Convergence Network; and Mesa.

Wildgoose Festival 2014, an informal convergence gathering, is scheduled for June 26-29, 2014 in Hot Springs, North Carolina.


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