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Paid for by Taxpayers?

California’s only official health insurance marketplace is www.CoveredCA.com, which is where individuals, families and small businesses can get information, compare plans and enroll.

If you do a Google Search for “california health care coverage” or otherwise stumble upon CoveringHealthCareCA.com, you will notice it has a similar URL and looks very official, but probably did not note in the fine print at the bottom that it is sponsored by the California State Assembly Republican Caucus!

Nation of Change says “Republican members of the California Assembly….concocted a fake website created by California Republican lawmakers in August to look like the state’s official health exchange site, where people can sign up to get coverage.” Further “the Repubs mailed a pamphlet to their constituents, directing them to the decoy site, calling it a “resource guide” to “help” them navigate the ACA sign up process.”

The San Francisco Chronicle says “it was created with taxpayer dollars as an informational site by the GOP.” What an outrage – this is not how I want my tax dollars spent. How about you?

Apparently as of November 2013 there were 10 fake sites that the California Attorney General hds shut down. “These websites were operated by private health insurance brokers or companies that were not affiliated with Covered California. The websites have domain names similar to the state’s official healthcare exchange and contain unauthorized references to the official exchange’s trademarked logo and name.” Not sure why the California State Assemby Republican Caucus’ site (CoveringHealthCareCA.com) was not among them. Are you?

Courage Campaign is circulating a petition for the California GOP to “Take Down Your Misleading Obamacare Website Today.”