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A Place At The Table

Earlier this week we watched A Place At The Table, now available through Netflix.

The problem of hunger in the United States is due to poverty, not a shortage of food.

Child obesity and hunger are related because of government subsidies that enable low prices on high calorie junk foods.

Healthy Shasta, Growing Local Shasta and First United Methodist Church are presenting the movie for public viewing on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 6:00 PM at 1825 East Street, Redding, CA.

This is a timely movie that you should watch. It puts a face on hunger on the United States.

Members of Congress returned to Washington, D.C., this week and their schedule is packed. One of the first things on the docket is a proposal to cut SNAP (formerly food stamps) by $40 billion. If approved, the cuts would be twice the amount included in a bill that House members voted on in June. Congress is under intense pressure to cut SNAP — it’s critical that you raise your voice and tell Doug LaMalfa to protect this vital program! Send an email or call now! If enacted, these cuts would kick millions of people off the program and place a greater burden on churches and charities that are already struggling to provide enough food assistance. For example:

  • Across the country, 2 to 4 million adults without dependents would lose benefits. SNAP already has strict work requirements but this proposal would require individuals to find work at times when jobs are scarce.
  • Nearly 2 million more people, primarily seniors and those in low-income working families, would lose benefits due to changes in eligibility rules.
  • In 2011, private churches and charities provided approximately $4 billion in food assistance, compared to $98 billion provided by federal nutrition programs. Churches and charities would have to nearly double their current food assistance to make up the difference.

On Nov. 1, all SNAP households will see their monthly benefits reduced whether this proposal passes or fails. Now is not the time to cut SNAP.

The House is expected to vote on this proposal as early as Wednesday. Email or call Doug LaMalfa today and urge them to vote against deep and harmful cuts to SNAP. Use Bread for the World’s toll-free number, 800-826-3688, to be connected to the Capitol switchboard, or send an email.


3 Responses to A Place At The Table

  1. Rick Bonetti

    September 15, 2013 at

    Did you know that one in four kids are hungry in America?

    Growing Local is taking part in a national study, conducted by Active Voice, to better understand what it takes to address hunger, obesity and food insecurity, and we’d like your help to get a better picture of what people know about these issues in our community.

    The information we collect will help us to better understand and serve our community.

    We hope that you will participate by completing this short questionnaire:
    Please complete by Friday, September 20th – Community Member Questionnaire #1 (CLICK HERE: http://www.clicktools.com/dashboard/survey/response.jsp)

    About the Study: The Take Your Place (TYP) Community Study involves 24 communities across the U.S. where at least one free screening of the film “A Place at the Table” is being held this summer or fall. Participation in the Community Study consists of completing three brief questionnaires over a 12 to 16 week period.

    Each questionnaire will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary and your responses are confidential.
    Community Study participants who complete the questionnaires will have the opportunity to win the following prizes:

    Questionnaire #1: $100 Target Gift Card
    Questionnaire #2: $100 Target Gift Card
    Questionnaire #3: $200 Target Gift Card

    If you have any questions regarding the Take Your Place Community Study, please contact Active Voice Research & Evaluation Manager, Dina de Veer at dina@activevoice.net or 415-487-2000.

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  3. Rick Bonetti

    September 23, 2013 at

    Per the Record Searchlight 1 in 10 of north state residents are eating food bought with food stamps (SNAP). Great reporting.


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