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Connecting Things: Getting Things Done

TEDx Redding was a burst of local creativity, but how do keep the conversation going? How do we get things done?

The local Beloved Community movement, energized by the recent Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration has generated lots of ideas and excitement. How do we bring focus and get things done?

Connect Things. Reduce time.

This video of a 13 minute┬átalk by Ben Chesnut, founder of Mailchimp is reminiscent of Matthew Diffee’s TEDxRedding talk about his creative process.

“Creativity is just connecting things.” Steve Jobs

Ben Chesnut says “I only hire weirdos and let them fail all the time,” Thanks to GOOD.

How does one manage a creative group? “Explain why and let them choose.”

What can we get done by the Global March for Peace and Unity on September 21, 2013?



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