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Dignity Begins With a Shower

United Nations World Health Organization defines access to sanitation and water as “a basic human right.” Yet most homeless find it difficult to find public showers and bathroom facilities in Redding, CA.

To my knowledge, there are only 2 showers available to homeless people in Redding, CA – one at Living Hope Compassion Ministries (Tuesdays only – sign ups at 8 AM and show up early to guarantee a spot) and one at the Good News Rescue Mission (Everyday from 7:30-8:30 AM).

According to the 2013 One Day Point In Time Survey:

  • 673 individuals (including 195 children and 71 veterans) were homeless or in immanent risk of being homeless in the Redding, CA area.
  • 27% of the households surveyed were unsheltered staying on the streets, in a vehicle or camping.
  • Those at risk of being completely homeless were in shelters, staying in motels (but unable to stay the entire month), in transitional housing, or temporarily staying with friends or family.

According to the 2011 Shasta County Continuum of Care Year-long Survey*:

  • 2,213 total individuals were homeless at some point during the year. 
  • 983 total individuals were imminently at-risk of becoming homeless.

Dignity begins with a shower. How can this be improved in Redding?


*note: the 2012 COC yearlong survey are still being tabulated by People of Progress and should be released soon.

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