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Mapping Connections At Aspen

The Atlantic and Aspen Institute’s Aspen Ideas Festival has been meeting since June 26th and ends today, July 2, 2013. I love their Aspen Minutes and regularly record their PBS programs on Tivo. But, have you ever though who is behind this think tank? Is it all about money?

Muckety is interactive website that maps the connections of the rich, famous and influential.

Here is Muckety’s interesting mapping of connections at Aspen:

Notice that you can move the boxes around to see the connections more clearly or remove some of them. Mouse-over the solid or dashed connection line to see the nature of the connection. Click the vertical bar to the left to reveal Map Tools.

What do you think?

Technical Note:  Muckety maps are designed for Flash version 9.0 and higher. You may need to get the latest version of Flash. Some map features – such as directional arrows – don’t work properly in older versions of browsers such as Firefox. Muckety recommend that you update your browser to take full advantage of the maps. Some ad-blocking applications prevent Flash from loading. If you use such software, you’ll need to set Muckety as an “allowed site.”

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