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Should We Seriously Consider Degrowth?


I recently stumbled upon an iTunes podcast by the ExtraEnvironmentalist, featuring interviews from the Degrowth Conference in Montreal in May 2012.

The topics covered in the 3:14 hour podcast are controversial and provocative because they challenge our understanding of and the assumptions of the economic system we live in and take for granted. Listen to it on your iPod when you are at the gym. You will probably have to listen several times to take it all in and form your own opinions about what is said.

The epic-length episode #55 of The Extraenvironmentalist presents degrowth academics and activists about the ideas in the movement. Here’s a list with some links and the start time to aid in fast forwarding:

Peter Brown on degrowth – 6m
Michael M’Gonigle on education – 17m
Josh Farley on money and alternatives to GDP  – 26m
David Suzuki on localism – 43m
Bill Rees on denial – 53m
Mary Evelyn Tucker on a new narrative – 1h06m
Janice Harvey on culture change  – 1h12m
Charlie Hall on energy return – 1h27m
Gail Tverberg on peak oil  – 1h43m
Juliet Schor on working less  – 1h5om
Joan Martinez-Alier on ecological economics – 2h6m
Erik Assadourian of Worldwatch Institue on degrowth – 2h15m
Gregor MacDonald on the IEA, claims about US oil production and Jeremy Grantham on resource scarcity – 2h38m