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Let’s Move! Faith and Community Sign-On

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Two years ago the United Church of Christ joined the national movement to help end childhood obesity and to increase awareness among adults about the chronic diseases associated with weight gain (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, high blood cancer and cancer).

The United Church of Christ, along with other mainline denominations continues to work with the Campaign for Health Kids project (CHK) and Faith United to End Childhood Obesity to help First Lady Michelle Obama to expand grassroots participation in the Let’s Move Faith initiative to end childhood obesity.

The Let’s Move initiative wants to identify and organize over 1,000 faith leaders from a number of diverse faith congregations nationwide to be partners in the Let’s Move Faith and Communities movement.

You can help by encouraging your UCC conferences, associations, local churches, clergy, pastors and lay leaders to sign on to the Let’s Move! Faith and Communities website.

When you sign on be sure to list “United Church of Christ” as the denomination.  Also, please put “Faith United to End Childhood Obesity” in the comments section.Will you please take 5 minutes and sign on now?

Signing makes you an official partner in a growing movement that believes that any differences that exist among us pale in comparison to our common commitment and mission to protect and promote the health of children.

Please take a moment to check out the Let’s Move! Toolkit.  In it you’ll find creative ways to address the childhood obesity issue in your congregation and community, including how to establish health councils and implement the five pillars of Let’s Move!