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Pay It Forward

The new year is upon us creating change, opportunity and expanded vision using The Gratitude Token Project‘s system works to manifest what you desire you life to be in 2013!

How It Works

How “The Gratitude Token Project” works…..
The GTP is a unique interactive system that offers a balanced physical expression of your gratitude and provides life tools to manifest what you desire.

THANK YOU TOKENS: are given to acknowledge anyone who inspires you to say “thank you”, “ good job” or “ I love you” …. because they have done something deserving of your gratitude, thanks or appreciation. This act of receiving helps us to install new rituals into our life. These small actions create a subtle shift in our thoughts, resulting in opening new paths to manifest, attract and receive what we desire.

PAY IT FORWARD TOKENS: are to acknowledge that your must freely give of yourself by performing “random acts of kindness” for others without expecting anything in return. After you complete your ” act of kindness” you give that person a ” Pay It Forward” token and request that they do something kind for someone else . The Front of this token says “Pay it Forward Token” , the Back says TRACK THIS TOKEN AT…. www. Gratitude Token.com….these tokens are numbered so that you can follow your chain of gratitude as it is paid forward.www. GratitudeToken.com

Gratitude tokens can be used effectively in any of the following ways:

1) By simply giving Thank You or Pay It Forward tokens to anyone that you feel deserves one.

2) Being conscious of giving away the same amount of both TY and PIF tokens each day and documenting your experience in your Gratitude Token Sacred Journal  to later review any positive life shifts or changes over time.

3) Consciously establishing concrete vision goals  and determine your current lifestyle profile by completing the worksheets in your  Gratitude TokenSacred Workbook . You  then  commit to at least 30 days of giving a minimum of one THANK YOU token and onePAY IT FORWARD token to someone deserving throughout your day. At the end of the day, documenting who you gave your tokens to, why you gave it to them and what your random act of kindness was in your Gratitude Token Sacred Workbook. To further support and enhance your probability of manifesting exactly what you desire even more rapidly, they also recommend that you integrate  a GTP life coaching package or  join our online group support in the forum.

You will notice that the PAY IT FORWARD tokens have a number on the back of them. As you perform your “random acts of kindness” and ask the recipient of this goodness to pay it forward, you are able to go to the TRACK YOUR TOKEN tab on the website and register the token number if you wish. By entering a bit of info you can possibly track your chain of gratitude as it travels around the world.

Dr. Kimberly Frangione says, “I am amazed that this simple gesture of giving someone a wooden token … makes everyone smiles ! I invite you to follow my journey as i share my personal experience and document progressive shifts and changes that occur in my life using a balanced system of giving and receiving.”


Of course, you can pay it forward, every day in small ways without tokens.