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Fast Company’s co.EXIST recently reported about crowdsourced hyperlocal guides and traces the evolution of LocalWiki from an experimental DavisWiki to LocalWiki 2.0 software. They describe a LocalWiki as a “blog  written by an entire community. It’s a virtual bulletin board that’s more comprehensive than Craigslist and Patch and Yelp combined. It’s simultaneously a history repository and a live ticker of today’s news.” It is open source and open content.

The LocalWiki software is a web application you install on a server. If you’re not familiar with this process but want to start a LocalWiki project in your community (and there isn’t already one there) check out the FAQ! It runs best on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or newer.

There are many compelling reasons for having a LocalWiki in nearly any community:  it can serve as a guide for visitors, a way to share news, and it can be adapted to serve many unexpected information needs as they come up.  Over time, it can become the community’s information hub and collective historical archive.

Starting a LocalWiki takes a bit of work, so to make it easier LocalWiki gives us a step-by-step recipe to follow.  This is a totally new medium, so there is no one proven method, but LocalWiki will share everything they have learned so far.

Anyone interested in get started on ReddingWiki? Let me know.

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