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Redding Soup To Be Served 10/26/12

Do you have a great idea that would benefit the Redding, CA community? Well, Redding Soup will be served again on Friday, October 26, 2012 from 5-8 PM on the Student Center Stage in the Shasta College Cafeteria. This will be the second Redding Soup gathering; the first one was May 11, 2012. Register Online here to reserve your seat.

The idea, if you have not yet heard about Redding Soup is that community members present ideas that would help build or influence the community and those attending vote for the idea they like best and proceeds from the evening go to the winner. Proposed projects can be anything such as fine art, print, speeches, campaigns, group endeavors, building a fence, going on a field trip, conducting research, producing an album, media art, cooking, sewing, teaching a workshop; whatever you can imagine using your creativity and imagination and would not be funded by traditional sources. Be it creativea community project or an entrepreneurial one.

Participants pay between $5 and $10 for dinner (soup, salad, dessert). Seat reservations are online here.

The event is being sponsored by Shasta College Center for Community Engagement.