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Building Better Worlds

Since watching a video presentation by Bob Johansen on forecasting, where he emphasized “digital natives” immersion in gaming, I have begun to explore a whole new genre.

I am fascinated by Kickstarter’s funding of Obsidian Entertainment’s, Project Eternity roleplaying game. As of this post, over 50,000 subscribers have pledged over $2.2 million in only 14 days. Talk about engagement and interactive input from your users!

Game designer, J. E. Sawyer talks about building a better world  worlds – “places we want to explore filled with characters we feel passionate about.  Curiosity makes us want to explore – an interest in the unknown – fascination and wonder at what we’ll see if we go left instead of right.”

“To feel for characters at all, we need to make a connection with them.  To make a connection with them, we need to believe that if we were put in their shoes, maybe we’d follow the same path they’re on. But it’s not a one-way street.  Those characters need to be with you.  They need to pay attention to who you choose to be and how you choose to conduct yourself.”

Sawyer goes on to say “it’s why we love writing conversations as dialogues – exchanges with give and take.  If we’ve built a world you believe in, your choices won’t feel like random button clicks.  They’ll be decisions that make you think, maybe trouble you, possibly annoy you from time to time.  And when your companions, friends, enemies, lovers, haters, et al. react with jeers, whooping, or the RPG equivalent of a sustained Citizen Kane clap, you won’t feel the invisible hand of the market designer at work.  You’ll feel like you’re at home in the world we, and your choices, have shaped.”

I am also intrigued about ThingWeStart that alerts you to Kickstarter projects near you.

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