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Seeds of Life

Do you know what you eat? Don’t you think proper labeling is our right? Did you know that on June 11, 2012, supporters of labeling genetically engineered foods gathered almost a million signatures to qualify for a ballot initiative in November? The ballot proposition number will be issued soon and they need your support – it is expected that $50-100 million will be spent to oppose the initiative.

Cailfornia Right To Know Coalition is doing statewide Relaunch and Reboot events this coming weekend and Pamm Larry will be speaking on July 14, 2012 at 1 PM at Grilla Bites, 1427 Market Street, Redding, CA.  RSVP here if you are coming and spread the news. Pamm Larry is a Chico grandmother who has conducted a tireless grassroots campaign to get labeling that properly identifies GMo’s in the foods we eat. A 2010 poll shows that 90% of us want to have such labeling, but that the percentage will predictably drop as millions are poured in by the opposition prior to the November election.

Here are some links for more information on GMO’s:

  • The GMO Film Project – tells the story of a father’s discovery of GMOs through the symbolic act of poor Haitian farmers burning seeds in defiance of Monsanto’s gift of 475 tons of hybrid corn and vegetable seeds to them shortly after the devastating earthquake of January 2010.
  • The Future Of Food – watch it for free on their site then buy it from them.  GMOs, seed patenting
  • Food, Inc. – Factory Farms, GMOs, food safety
  • The World According To Monsanto – A look into the largest biotech business.
  • Everything You HAVE to Know about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods  A quick, but complete, introduction to all the major issues around GMO foods from Jeffrey Smith.
  • GMO Trilogy – by Jeffrey Smith. Eye opening.
  • The Corporation – for an overview of who and what we are challenging.  Watch it streaming on Netflix, buy from Seeds Of Deception or other places.
  • FLOW – on the international and future of our water. Scary.  Time to start paying attention.
  • Blue Gold: World Water Wars – watch streaming on Netflix.
  • Sweet Misery – Aspartame is a genetically modified sweetener.  A must see for all diet soda drinkers.