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Friendly Response?

New York Times technology editor Nick Bilton muses that Lif’e’s Too Short for So Much Email.

He recounts the story of communicating with his teenage cousin who commented: “e-mail as something for ‘old people.’ It’s too slow…the messages too long. Sometimes, as with a Facebook status update, you don’t even need to respond at all.”

I will try to not take it personally or think it is bad manners when younger friends of mine don’t RSVP or respond to my emails.  I promise to be careful not to send out unnecessary emails and maybe I will start sending more text responses.

I won’t be offended if you don’t seek out my blog posts, but am always honored when you take the time to leave a friendly comment.

Here’s the stats from Conecting Generations survey by AARP and Microsoft:

13-17 36% 64%
18-25 46% 62%
39-58 56% 40%
59-75 60% 19%



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