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Bridging the Digital and the Divine

Surveys regularly show 80% of Americans consider themselves religious or spiritual. How does this play our in the digital world?

Monday, March 12, 2012 SBSW* had a session Bridging the Digital and the Divine featuring a panel of five speakers:

  1. Daniel Pawlus, VP of Communications for Interfaith Youth Core.
  2. Adrienne Baker, Online Communications Manager for Interfaith Youth Core.
  3. Mathew Tombers, Head of New Media & Distribution for Odyssey Networks.
  4. Patton Dodd, Executive Editor of Patheos
  5. Paul Drohan, Sr Creative Director of Digitaria Interactive

Interfaith Youth Core is a movement of all faiths and traditions who are working together to change the world. They challengez; “What if people of all faiths and traditions worked together to promote the common good for all? What if once again, young people led the way? Across the country, Muslims and Hindus, Jews and Christians, Buddhists and non-religious, are coming together in a movement of interfaith cooperation. They are proving that the 21st century can be defined by cooperation between diverse communities instead of conflict.”

Odyssey Networks shares stories of faith in action – stories that change the world.

Patheos is an online interfaith portal that “seeks to understand” as it has many authors with diverse points of view.

Digitaria is a marketing and technology agency. Among other things, they are helping bridge the digital divide to the Divine. An example is the Invisible Children and the Village Savings and Loans Association.

*South by Southwest is the ultimate FOMO-inducing event (for those of arriving late at the “hip acronym” party: Fear Of Missing Out). The Wall Street Journal calls it “the super bowl of social media.”

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