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Tri-Faith Initiative

Omaha, Nebraska might not be the location you would expect a new interfaith center to be built, but is is now in planning as a Tri-Faith Initiative of the three Abrahamic faiths: Jewish, Muslim and Christian (Episcopal).

The purpose is “to foster and build understanding, respect and trust – a challenging and urgent task in our increasingly complex and global society; to promote peaceful co-existence as a global priority in a world where the focus is often on fear; and to accept each other’s religious expression – to brings us together as a community and creates a voice for a hopeful future.”

The plan is to create ‘shared spaces’ that will allow for efficiencies of common operation and facilitate collaboration and interaction between and among the Participants. In addition to shared parking and common outdoor areas there will also be an Interfaith Center and shared library space, food service, meeting rooms, auditorium, conference and banquet facilities.

I expect that a current new awakening in spirituality will lead to other similar cooperative efforts. What do you think?