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Social Media Pro’s

Robert Niles wrote an excellent article on The Online Journalism Review, “Why Don’t Some Media Pros ‘Get’ Social Media?”

The point he makes is that most PR people and many journalists have spent much of their careers as “gatekeepers” between the sources they represent and the public. However, today, through social media, people connect directly with others globally.

Of the five new roles for media professional Niles suggests (Proxies; Coaches; Conduits; Judges; and Curators), what caught my attention as a blogger is the need for amplification to deliver under-heard voices to larger audiences of influence. I also blog to create a curated resource that I and others may refer back to and useful links for a Google search.

Most of all, I aspire to create engagement.¬†As suggested in Michele McLellan’s 10/21/11 article in Knight Digital Media Center, it’s all about engagement in making strong connections to defined communities. Add your voice and let us know what you think. Join our growing community by subscribing to this blog and receive email notification of new posts.

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