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1517 Protest Movement

In addition to being Halloween tonight, October 31st is also the day commemorated for Martin Luther tacking the 95 theses on the wall of the Wittenberg church – the beginning of a protest movement!

Diana Butler Bass calls us to “Put the Protest Back in Protestant”. She emphasizes “the heart of Protestantism is the courage to challenge injustice and to give voice to those who have no voice.”

She goes on to say:  “It isn’t the size of government that is problematic—the issue is whether government is good or bad.  Good government reflects the principles of neighborliness, creates a sense of common benefit, serves and listens to all of its people.  Bad government serves only itself or an elite, cut off from any idea of a common good, and works to maintain its interests instead of an ethical vision for society.

Protestants would do well to protest against bad government, and not simply take sides in a false argument between small and big government.  We need to protest for good government.” This should not be simply about Democrats vs. Republicans. Thankfully, the current partisan debates have moved away from abortion and same-sex marriages. But do they really address Christian values of compassion, truthfulness, fairness and injustice?

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