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USA at Bottom of the Heap

Click here for a very powerful image (copyright by the New York Times) that graphically shows how the United States stacks up with other nations in various measurements of Social Justice.

The report, Social Justice in the OECD РHow Do Member States Compare, shows Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland in the top 5 Overall Social Justice rating with the United States, Greece, Chile, Mexico and Chile in the bottom 5.

The USA rates in the bottom 5 for Overall Poverty Prevention; Overall Poverty Rate; Child Poverty Rate; and Income Inequality.

The USA is in the bottom 10 in terms of Senior City Poverty Rate; Pre-Primary Education (public expenditure on pre-primary education as a percentage of GDP).

The USA is rated in the bottom 15 for Inter-generational Justice (includes family and pension policies environmental policies and assessment of political-economic being established for future generations.)

Not a good showing for the richest country in the world!

Here’s what the OECD report says are 6 areas of focus:

  1. Poverty prevention – meeting basic needs
  2. Access to education – education policy that provided equal opportunities
  3. Labor market inclusion – little discrimination in terms of age, gender or ethnic origin
  4. Social cohesion and non-discrimination – equitable income distribution, prevention of discrimination and social exclusion and integration of migrants into society
  5. Health – health policy; infant mortality; healthy life expectancy; perceived health in relation to income levels
  6. Inter-generational Justice – family policy; pension policy; environmental policy; CO2 Emissiona; research and development; national debt level

What do you think can be done to change this?