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Shasta County Interfaith Forum

Wednesday I attended the lunch meeting of the Shasta County Interfaith Forum (SCIF).

I was impressed by the congenial, respectful and supportive attitude expressed among those attending. Spiritual leaders representing various Christian denominations, LDS, Unity, Unitarian, Jews, Sikhs, Muslim, Buddhists, Bahais, Science of Mind and other spiritual persuasions were present. They were looking for ways to build bridges of communication, understanding and good will. I was there because I write this blog and am interested in fostering interfaith cooperation too.

SCIF does not have a high profile, nor do many events planned together as a group over the course of a year. As you might expect, not all events sponsored by a particular church or group are appropriate to be co-sponsored by SCIF, but they attempt to be as inviting to all and inclusive as is appropriate without compromising their individual beliefs.

They are concerned about the well being of the entire community and not just their own group.

Among the upcoming events are:

  • 4th Annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Service is scheduled for November 2o, 2011 at 7pm at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1923 N. Bechelli Lane, Redding. There will be a joint choir from members of various denominations as well.
  • World Aids Day is December 1, 2011 to offer hopefulness for the present and future as well honoring those who have past on from AIDS. First United Methodist Church of Redding will be hosting a commemoration, which starts at 7pm.
  • Multi-Cultural Celebration is planned on January 28, 2012 at Central Valley High School.  600 people attending last year and there is always great free food representing perhaps 25-30 different cultural traditions of Shasta County residents.
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